Welcome and thank you for visiting. Here is a bit about me and why I do this.


I have been interested in photography since I was a sophomore in high school. At that time I was lucky to be spending the school year with my aunt in Hawaii. She bought me a little 110 camera and as I traveled the islands taking photos of the beautiful sites, I was hooked on photography. My Junior and Senior high school years were in North Pole Alaska. I took all the photo classes offered and when I ran out of classes to take, I helped as a TA.


As a photographer, I feel fortunate to live in the Northwest and specifically the Palouse region. We have tremendous photographic options here. I have photographed Hells Canyon, the North Fork of the Clearwater river and Kelly Creek, Palouse Falls and just about every corner of Whitman and Latah counties as well as outside the area including other parts of Washington State, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Canada and Mexico .



Please enjoy my photos and be sure to sign the guest book.


Mikel ;^)